Insert: Date and Name of Community Planning Body
Community Empowerment Act (2015)
Data Protection Act 1998
Any personal data that you may be asked to provide on this form will be held and
processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information
provided by you and other relevant parties will be used for processing and
determining your pre-application asset transfer request.
Should your request become an official Asset Transfer Request, the final
application will be processed by employees of Historic Environment Scotland and
The Scottish Government. Decision notices regarding the outcome of your request
will be available for public inspection and will be published on the Historic
Environment Scotland website as required by Regulation 9 of The Asset Transfer
Request (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2016.
We will publish details of the request and relevant supplementary information
including your name, address and personal information about yourself and others
that you have submitted as part of the request. We will not publish personal/
sensitive information that is irrelevant to the assessment of the application including
your contact details (signatures, personal email addresses and telephone numbers).
You must advise Historic Environment Scotland if there are particular reasons
why you think any of this document, or part of this document, you have
provided cannot be published.
This is a pre-application asset transfer request
Section 1: Information about the community making the request
1.1 Name of the community group considering an official asset transfer request
1.2 Community group address. This should be a registered address, if you have one.
Postal address:
1.3 Contact details. Please provide the name and contact address to
which correspondence in relation to this request should be sent.
Contact name:
Postal address:
We agree that correspondence in relation to this request may be sent by email
to the email address given above. (Please tick to confirm agreement)
You can ask us to stop sending correspondence by email or ask us to change
your contact details, by emailing We will
action your request within 5 working days.
Please mark an “X” in the relevant box to confirm the type of
Community group you are and your official number, if you have one.
Company, and its company number is ………….
Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
(SCIO), and its charity number is ………………..
Community Benefit Society (BenCom), and its
registered number is ………………………………
Unincorporated organisation (no number)
Please attach a copy of your constitution, articles of association or
registered rules.
1.5 Does your community group fall within a class of bodies which has been
designated as community transfer bodies by the Scottish Ministers?
If yes what class of bodies does it fall within?
Section 2: Information about the land and rights requested
2.1 Please identify the land to which this asset transfer request relates.
Ideally you should provide a street address or grid reference and any name by
which the land or building is known. If you have identified the land on our
Register of Assets, please enter the details listed there.
It may be helpful to provide information, a map or drawings to show the
boundaries of the land requested. If you are requesting part of a building or land,
please make it clear what area you are inquiring about.
Type of transfer you are interested in
Are you wanting to own, use, manage or lease? If leasing what
length of leas
e is required?
Have you discussed your
asset transfer proposal with anybody in Historic
Environment Scotland – at head offices or elsewhere?
Please provide any details.
Section 3: Initial Proposals for Community Asset Transfer
3.1 Please set out your initial reasons for making the request and how
you are considering the land or building will be used.
This should briefly explain the objectives of your project, why there is a need for it,
any development or changes you plan to make to the land or building, and any
activities that will take place there.
Benefits of the proposal
3.2 Please set out any initial benefits that you consider will arise if the request is
agreed to.
This section should explain how the project will benefit your community, and
Please email your completed form to
our Asset Transfer team via email at or send via post to Chief Executive Office,
Historic Environment Scotland, Longmore House, Salisbury Place, EH9 1SH.
Insert: Date and Name of Community Planning Body
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