Public Health Passenger Locator Form
Thank you for helping us protect you
This form has to be completed by :
o all persons traveling to Belgium by airplane or boat, and;
o all other persons traveling to Belgium, unless;
they stay for less than 48 hours in Belgium,
they return following a stay no longer than 48 hours abroad.
The form has to be completed prior to your arrival, but not more than 48 hours before reaching Belgium.
Every passenger aged 16 or older must fill in a form.
o Details of children under the age of 16 should be included in the form of the accompanying adult.
If any of the information you provide on this form changes in the next 14 days, you are required to resubmit another
Information regarding the Covid-19 health guidelines is available on
If you don’t have a mobile phone number, you must fill in the following document and keep a printed copy with you.
Data protection
This form will enable public health officers to locate you in case you have been exposed to a serious communicable disease. The
information you provide may be used to contact you in the next 14 days for the purposes of verifying the details given on this
form. This information may also be used for the purposes of contact tracing in relation to confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-
19. Your information is intended to be held in accordance with applicable laws and used only for public health purposes
Place: Date:
2 Andorra; Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary;
Iceland Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Monacco; the Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Ro-mania;
Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom; Vatican City.
3 The Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment is the data controller for the information provided on this form.
Personal data contained in this form may be collected and processed by the data controller, by Border Control and by the Regional Health
Authorities, in case of contact tracing. The personal data provided will be processed in line with art. 6, 1 c) GDPR.
More details and how to exercise your rights under the GDPR, can be found on
This form and any copies of it, will be destroyed 28 days after your arrival.
Travelling by air.
Fill in all data and print this form before boarding. Failing to do so may result in refusal of boarding. Upon
arrival from outside the Schengen Area, the form should be given to a border officer at your point of entry.
Traveling by train, bus or car.
Fill in this form and email it on the day of arrival to
Providing false, misleading or incomplete information may result in refusal of entry at the border and
immediate return can be imposed.
With this form you consent to the health requirements imposed by the Belgian authorities. Failure to comply
may result in civil or criminal penalties.
With this form you consent to stay in quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Belgium at the address provided
below. Passengers from the EU+ area are exempt, provided they do not come from a high-risk area as defined
by the Belgian authorities
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